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15 January 2007 @ 10:36 am

It will be nice to return there again.

We have retrieved the "key" we were told will activate a portal to return us to our timeline. It was deep within Undermountain. Our journey was harrowing and painful, but we emerge victorious.

Within the Undermountain, we encountered many creatures. One was a beast of pure shadow. There were others that can only be described as dark mirror-images of ourselves. Mine was a Drow cleric of Shar who seemed quite surprised at my existence. My cause proved more righteous and I dispatched her without too much effort. However, Hoxton was fatally wounded by Slick's evil counterpart.

As Hoxton lay unmoving on the floor, my bracers pulled me towards the good-aligned elven presence. Aaron seemed to plead with me sliently to help Hoxton, but in this world, he was beyond my reach. My abilities are crippled and I was unable to bring him back to life.

Once down the stairs, I found what appeared to be a Drow chained to the wall. Her clothes were in tatters, but it was obvious she was the presence the bracers led me to. We used a key Hoxton had found earlier to free her and Aaron gave her his cloak for warmth. She states she is a cleric of Elistraee, but I have a feeling there is more to her than that. Her eyes were drawn to Narmisil and she explained that the blade was her father's and that her father was the master of the hero I took the sword and bracers from. But, with her dark skin, there cannot be a direct blood link, unless....

I digress. I gave her the blade, as it is rightfully hers if her father fashioned it. She instructed me to keep the bracers, however, she would not tell me her name, but she did bring Hoxton back to life.

I worry about the gnome, though. It seems the light has gone out of his eyes, his lively manner is gone. He is somber... more serious. I fear he blames himself for Hoxton's death.

From the priestess, we have learned that Blackthorn launched an attack on the safe house we were set to return to after retrieving the key - a red gemstone we found in a chest of treasure. Our allies in the resistance are in danger, and as we used the wand given to us to teleport back to the safe house, we found it burning.

We are too late.

In Selune's light I walk,
24 July 2006 @ 07:30 pm
While Selune may not be present in this world, there are still some allied to her willing to provide aid.

We have made our way through the Elven Quarter... the burial grounds that house the dead of my kind. As we had been told, we did indeed find the burial site of an elven hero. Aside from some brushes with some undead - which we quickly dispatched - and some vile evil which had tainted the tree in the shrine, we met little resistance at that point in the journey. Slick and Hoxton have returned to consciousness but have no recollection of what occurred since we landed on the island. Rica, however, did not fare as well and she is being tended to by our friends in the resistance.

As I have said, we found the graves of this hero along with his wife and two children. I saw nothing visible in the room that would be useful, and I was, of course, loathe to open the graves. I prayed, and a gentle whisper came to me and said, "It is alright. You need this. I understand." So, with assistance from some of my party members, I opened the grave.

I was uncertain what I was here for. I had Aaron check to see what was magical and there were two items. Unable to know which one was intended - and knowing the gods would understand - I took both. I did not have the time to identify, as destroying the fouled tree had surely sent smoke into the dark sky.

Our allies found us and helped us leave and gave us a safe place to stay at an inn nearby. I took the two magical items - a longsword and a pair of bracers - to my room and acquired a scroll from Aaron that would allow me to identify what these were and which one was the object I had been told would grant me some usefulness in this land without the moon.

The bracers alone were magnificently crafted and I found they were called Bracers of the Rescuer. Not only do they enhance my prowess with a longsword but they grant me 3 spell domains and the ability to cast those spells. Another interesting ability of these exquisite armbands... they are able to locate elves who are aligned with good. In fact, the moment I slipped them on to my wrist, I detected a single good elf, shining like a beacon.

So, what about the sword? I had expected that whatever item was extraneous would be something I could give to one of my compatriots or something minor enough that on our return to our own world we could sell. It soon became clear that neither of these outcomes were true.

This blade - named Narmisil - is no mere blade. It is intelligent. It speaks audibly. It is chaotic in nature, which prevents me from granting it to Aaron (perhaps one of the few I would trust with such a powerful weapon... and one of the few people in our party who would be capable of wielding it). It has an incredible intellect and the ability to hold a person entirely still at its command a few times a day. The only drawback I have found is that while it is capable of doing decimating damage to its enemies, it will also do a small amount to me. I will investigate how to rectify that particular problem since I have awakened the sword's consciousness and would never sell a sentient being to another. I will be keeping it, though it makes an interesting complement to the Blade of the Triple Moon. I shall have to study the use of two swords in combat.

Meanwhile, our newfound allies have gathered some information in regards to how to return us to where we belong. They were able to determine that we need a key to activate the portal again. We were led through the wastelands of Waterdeep to the charred ruins of Blackstaff's tower since it was believed that the key might be there.

Now, I have seen many strange things in my time as a cleric. I was not prepared for seeing the ghost or spirit of a powerful wizard trapped in this realm, unable to rest. It was an eerie experience, but even in death, Lord Blackstaff was able to give us some assistance. We found a journal and within its pages was a reference to the key we seek.

It is in Undermountain.

We have begun our journey now. My bracers tell me it is here we will find the one of my kind who is not corrupted. Already we have encountered evil, already I have drawn Narmisil and he has cleaved a man in two.

I am unsure what lies down here, but I remain hopeful we will find the answers we seek.

By the light of the moon,
26 June 2006 @ 01:42 pm
Well, we found some answers. I am both relieved and enraged by the information we managed to gather.

The good news (if I can even call it that) is that we have arrived in Faerun but in the wrong timeline. It seems the old wizard was not incorrect in stating that the portal we went through went to Faerun, but he neglected to tell us it was an alternate present day. The horrific part of this, however, is that a terrible and tragic fate has befallen this world in this time.

Yes, the moon really has been sundered. One of the most dreaded things that could take place has happened - Shar has gained control. She has destroyed Selune and she has destroyed many other of the gods who stood against her. I learned this after I gathered the courage to visit the temple of my goddess which is now sealed off and part of the City of the Dead.

Along the way, we had paused to save a citizen of Waterdeep who was being attacked by shadow. During our act of defense, we were accosted by the city guard. Apparently, the city is being run by the most unlikely of people: Drow. Drow invoking Shar. This is decidedly unpleasant news.

We dispatched the dark elves and headed towards where the temple was. After scaling the wall and making our way down the deserted streets, I found my Lady's temple. It was burned and blackened and a large piece of the moon had fallen, crushing it. I recovered a few fragments as I am certain Selune would understand my desire to keep at least part of the moon safe. Rica remarked to me that due to the rock's metal content it was forgeable. She said she wasn't certain it was necessarily the most appropriate way to preserve the rock, but I am starting to think that if in this world Selune is truly gone then saving some of her grace in any form might be a worthy endeavor.

Within the ruins of the temple - which, I admit, reduced me to tears - I found a book. Only a couple of pages were still intact enough to be legible. One outlined the events which led to what locals call the Sundering. The fall of Cyric. The rise of the Netharise. A volcano erupting deep in the Drow capital during the highest of holy days of Lloth and obliterating the population of the city. The masses of Drow turning to worship Shar and walking the surface in the eternal night of Waterdeep. The destruction of this temple and the fate of those who revered Selune.

Indeed, Sharites and the Drow own this city. A shadowy figure - who we had briefly glimpsed assisting us in our previous battle - found us there in the ruins of a place I knew well in our own time. Imagine our surprise when he took us back to his safehouse - for he helps lead the resistance - and showed us his face. It was none other than Slick! Only it was Slick in THIS time, not our time, and he has taken great care not to reveal his identity to our Slick.

On a more personal note, within the pages I found at the temple was something that made me catch my breath and made my heart flutter a moment. I found a description of artifacts - weapons that were blessed by the Lady - that are held and wielded by those in great favor with Selune. Among these descriptions were a mace, a sword, and a bow. Curious, my eyes were drawn to the description of the Blade of the Triple Moon. As I read the words on the paper, my eyes inspected my own sword. Hilt with a triple moon design. Inscription in the pommel.

*I* am the bearer of the Blade of the Triple Moon. In this timeline, it is said to have been missing for over fifty years. I do not know if the story is the same in our own, but the magical properties of this sword as described in the book seem to explain the ability I have seen in my blade to boost my healing power.

At this time, of course, my sword shows little sign of its sacred nature. When I touched it to a moon fragment, it glowed slightly. That sign is both encouraging and depressing at once.

Anyway, I digress.

This world's Slick sent an associate - a man he called Crystalbow - to find our Slick and that troublemaking bard Hoxton. The voice was familiar. Very familiar. It was a voice I had not heard for some time. Morn. Morn Fathomhand. I asked. Slick replied that yes, his compatriot was the same. There were definite differences and he told us that Crystal Bow was be amused to hear of his demise in our world. We have yet to see him face to face and to be honest, I am uncertain how I would handle such a meeting. I was quite fond of Morn, and his loss was perhaps harder to bear than any others I have seen in my time adventuring. To see him alive might hurt even more.

I was told that I might find a way to gain back some of my power, if only a fraction, to help my time in this time be less troublesome. Apparently, there is a tomb of some great elven hero in the Elven Quarter who was buried with some link to Corellon. Through that link, I might be able to at least regain some healing ability. I was given a vial of some sort of distilled magic - from the crystal weapons the resistance has been using to fight shadows - and we were led to the tombs.

We rest now. A few of us are unconscious, and we left them hidden from view. They had a run in with some wraiths. We are banged up pretty badly ourselves, having fought a shadow monster that I was almost certain would destroy us. The oil on my sword helped to turn the tides, and I found that although it exhausts me, using my sword and one of the moon fragments allows me to do minor healing. It is not something I can do often, however.

I only hope we find what we are looking for and that Slick - this world's Slick - is able to help us find our way home. As horrible as this time is, it is not our time, and I fear that meddling too much could do more harm than good.

Ever Faithful,
20 June 2006 @ 04:34 pm
That is ALL.

Okay, that's not all. I'm freaked out at the sky, I'm freaked out at this city, I'm freaked out at the freaking cleric collapsing over here next to me. I'm also freaking out at the fact that, if she's as disabled as she appears to be... Hoxton is our only hope for any sort of healing magic. Well, that and Rica's somewhat "sputtering" ability with those magics. Out of the paladins I've known over time, some are into kicking evil's butt, others are into saving good's butt. She's definitely of the former variety, which is good when there's evil to be kicked... but less so when evil's kicking you. I've had too many monsters land on my face recently to be totally secure with things regarding my internal organs.

At least Rica's reliable, consistent, and rock-steady, though. Hoxton... it's probably his fault we're here. Him or that gnome with the hat. At any rate, Hoxton's our healer here... just as long as all magic isn't screwed up around here as well. I'm sure we can take care of ourselves in a fight (that halfling we picked up on the island is amazing with a bow, almost as stellar as good ol' Morn) but every once in awhile it's good to be able to grease the floor behind you and lob some fire.

I suppose our situation could be worse. This place looks just like the kind of hangout Noube would have loved. If he was with us, he'd probably feed us to some evil beast to get a nice position with the Dark Lord of the Tower or something...

09 June 2006 @ 09:58 am
But I will face my fear, let it pass through me. *grin*

My time in the service as a Paladin has taught me much about the nature of the divine and the call of Gods. I have heard the teachings of the god of my people, and of the one I call Master. Now, I hear nothing, as if the Gods are afraid. I will admit to hestitation, but I must let it pass through me. The moon is shattered, Allystra apparently has no use of her powers - if any time is the time for heroes, it is now.

Sadly, I feel slightly responsible for this. We could have made it back up to Faerun to the turtle's back. I let my own need for curiosity get the best of me.

I will see this done aright.
08 June 2006 @ 01:01 pm
Alystra looks so beaten, so frustrated. I definately want to help her. I mean that's what the Strongheart Hin do, we help one another. I hope Yondalla, Avoreen, and Sheelia Peroyl can give me the strength to help make this right. I am struck by the enormity of the problem. Is Selune truly dead or just wounded? Also what can a little Hin woman do? How can help a goddess? I don't know, but I guess I will have to trust that Yondalla would only give me a task that I could complete.

Heh, thinking about the new things that I will see and the new people that I will meet does bring a bit of a smile to my face.

I hope the others will rally themselves to Alystra's side. I think that the Gnome Aaron will seeing as he was struck by the same thing that Alystra was. Also he's a Paladin and defeating evil is what Paladins do.

That brings me to Rica. I don't know about her. She's a force of nature on the battlefield, but off the battlefield she seems only to care about Ale and drinking lots of it. I have never met a drunkard Paladin before. I think she is following some Dwarven Trickster god (is there such a ting)

As for the rest, I just haven't really formed an opinion of them yet. They seem nice enough. By Avoreen's sword they are all powerful on the field of battle.
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05 June 2006 @ 10:11 am
I am alone.

Sure, I have my traveling companions, but the type of loneliness I am referring to is on a spiritual level. Selune, the beloved moon - my guide... my goddess - is silent. She does not speak to me now. She is shattered... fragmented. Shards of her trail along her path through the night sky.

I want to believe this is some sort of sick joke. I want to believe that when we stepped through that portal we ended up in an alternate world which mirrors our own. The nausea that strickens me, however, tells me that this is Faerun and I am alone.

I cannot reach the moon. I cannot tap into its power to strike at my foes, bolster my allies, or heal. I am barely able to stand or wield my sword. Without her embrace, I am practically useless to this party.

I know we need to repair the damage done, but where do I even start? I am too weak to do this by myself, so I must rely on the others, but can they really come together for this? Can I trust them to save her - and me? I have little choice but to find out the hard way.

I do not even know who is responsible for this atrocity. Certainly, the worshippers of the Dark Lady would stop at nothing to get Selune out of their way, but they've never held enough power to overcome her, much less shatter the moon in the heavens. Could this have changed? And if they did commit this act, did they have help?

Where do I turn? Without her, I am merely an elf lost in Faerun... a woman without use to the world.

But I DO have a purpose - I will find a way to right this wrong, even if it means the end of me.

Though she is missing, I will continue to serve her with every breath.

- Alystra Evensong
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03 April 2006 @ 08:56 am
Three days in with this "Pine Hill" company, and I am starting to see what my people say. The greatest gnome philopshers speak of the duality of life, the division of real and fake, and now, I think I start to grasp what they mean.

Illusions form in our mind's eye prior to us ever seeing them. There is a saying, "The best illusion ever cast has yet to be formed," meaning, that the greatest illusionists of my kind rely on manipulation of their target's own preconceptions. My own mind's eye was thusly fooled. In my mind, this company was desperate, but bonded, a solid adventuring party whose members were willing to lay their life on the line, and had, many times. In fact, two of their numbers had made the ultimate sacrifice, one of them willingly knowing what destruction he would bring upon his death. It was this group that I had entered Suzail to meet, having seen the wreckage and destruction of the tower of the War Wizards.

Reality, however, has interjected.

I hestitate to condemn quickly, but after such misadventures as running afoul of the Iron Throne and being stranded on a deserted island somewhere south of Suzail, I cannot ignore the glaring truths of this group.

To wit;
They are a disorganized lot, ready to burst at the seams. I had wondered who had spoke for the party in times past; they have a skilled bard, another Paladin, and a cleric of some reknown. However, evil flitters around the edges of the bard, he is a man of capricious greed and gluttony, with scant regard for his companions. I fear that he uses the Harpers, and will cause much of the negative about that organization to bear over our heads. The knight I hestiate to call a sister, she seems to have lost her center, and in any regards, is a poor spokesman for this group, as her gruff attitude is not well received by any but dwarves. Alystra, I feel, has her hands full managing this group and trying to protect them. While we are terrifying to behold in battle (and truly I do not feel we've even been tested), it is the spiritual and mental needs of this group that strains this cleric.

However, it is not my place to judge, merely observe and contribute what I can. I feel that I may need to step up and provide some direction, however, as a newcomer, this will be an uphill battle. It is clear that leadership is required. Alystra, by default, would be the party's leader, however, I am saddened by a lack of respect paid to her abilities at times by the other vocal members, and who knows what goes on in the head of the other three.

However, there are strong, strong strengths in this group, and I wish to ensure that should this journal be found that I am not recorded as someone overly critical;

* As said, our prowess in battle is terrifying. Party members know their roles and are inventive and cooperative in battle. This is what their enemies fear. I pray that my unique abilities will add a dangerous wild card into our battle plans.
* Kerod. While he is a hireling, his devotion to Rica is her salvation, and I desperately wish that she will see this. This man embodies all that is good in humility and a simple heart. May mercenaries never cease to surprise me.
* Honesty. I believe that while I have been thrust, somewhat uncomfortably, into the lives of these strangers, I have already been welcomed into the group, and have begun carving out my place. The party has been forthright (for the most part, however Hoxton's lies are easily seen, and told with a bard's inflection) with how they feel about situations. Another strength, as they have not forgotten their enemies.

Now, to tackle this issue of being stranded. Innovation, required, it's good to be a gnome. :D
02 April 2006 @ 04:17 pm
So much has happened. I am hardly certain where to begin, but I shall endeavor to bring you up to speed.

We did, indeed, manage to help lead forces to end the siege of Suzail. Through the armies we acquired and the assistance of allies - including Waterdeep - the Cyricists were defeated. However, we were not without our losses. Our comrades Morn and Mericet both fell in battle. Morn's demise was prior to the epic battle itself, as he met his fate while we cleared a tower for the resistence to take control of. He found himself on the wrong end of a ballista and we found him some distance away. I admit to you now that I truly did grieve for him as I cared for Morn a great deal. We had been through much together and I found him to be the closest thing to a kindred spirit I had in our party.

Mericet's death - though honestly, there was no corpse so we are speculating - was one of great heroism or great stupidity... or perhaps both. He was carrying the staff of Bane we had found during our journey and ended up tangling with a Cyricist demon. The staff was destroyed and both disappeared from existence. It was a far more noble end than I think any of us had imagined for the warlock, but it was instrumental in helping our forces succeed.

The child king was restored to his throne, either thanks to or in spite of Noube. Yes, we saw Noube, though the last time we had met him he had tried to kill us and truly was evil. I am still not sure I trust him, but since the kingdom of Cormyr considers him a hero for slaying his master and supposedly protecting the infant ruler of the land, there is little good that my thoughts would do to change their impression of him.

Then, there is the matter of the ancient elves whom we awoke who assisted us in our fight. The druid has returned to his people, drow from before the fall of the Spider Queen. I think perhaps it is best that they remain to themselves as I do not trust the nature of men to let them be.

Nevertheless, we were hailed as heros and given earthly rewards. Myself, I will be using my monetary gift to help found a temple when I find a suitable site. As for the others, well, they at least did not spend it all on ale and whores.

Meanwhile, I have had a vision and the story of an old bard validated that vision. Apparently, Rica has seen it too. There is a lake, with five willows on the bank. In the darkness, the pool is foul indeed, but when the moon comes out it sparkles and is clear and I saw a building formed out of purest moonlight. I am certain Selune is trying to tell me something and I wish to find some way to cleanse this place of the vile energy that apparently possesses it. Perhaps it is even where my temple is meant to be placed.

We did run into some difficulty in Suzail. We crossed paths with a flaming wagon that bore explosives. One of our new party members - a gnome who seems to be both an arcanist and a holy warrior - recognized the dark powder from his people's many experiments. We were attacked upon trying to save this wagon and the people of Suzail from the danger it posed. We slew our attackers, but found ourselves in a bit of a predicament, as we are being called murderers. Supposedly the men we killed defending ourselves were guards that were protecting the shipment - and might I say they were doing such a fine job. Needless to say, it was not an easy place for the ruling council to be placed and we were asked to clear a nest of Zentarum in exchange for our release (not to say that our release was official, but it was necessary).

We are heading northeast now, perhaps to Silverymoon. While we lost two of our original companions, we now have the gnome - Aaron - and a strange tattooed man from a faraway land. He uses no weapons and speaks in riddles, but in his riddles are wisdom.

I remain, as always, Selune's faithful servant.

- Alystra Evensong
02 April 2006 @ 03:39 pm
Fools. Mountebanks. Meddlers. Do-gooders. They attack my carts, kill my guards, and then waltz into Mor'das's office, thinking they can just push everyone around because they helped "save the city". The Harpers attack my workers, spook my horses, and then these other fools kill my guards and take my product... has to have been a coordinated attack. If Mor'das doesn't charge them under the King's Law, then we'll just have to handle it ourselves. We do it in the west, we can do it in this backwater kingdom. The Iron Throne does not let its power get shown up in this way.
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